Nettl of Macclesfield are proud to have launched a new website for Heavenly Finances. Heavenly Finances is headed by Calvin Husbands who is a Chartered Financial Advisor.

Having built the previous website some 8 years ago, Calvin approached Nettl of Macclesfield to develop a new website. The brief was to make a responsive website that would be clear for users to find information across a broad range of services.

Heavenly Finances also wanted to move into the world of social media. As well as setting up a Twitter account for them, the website needed to be easily managed to allow the constant updating of articles, blogs and company announcements.

There needed to be a link for clients to access their online information through a secure platform. There is also a client feedback questionnaire which forms a vital role in the companies continuous improvement programme.

The website is fresh and modern and you can visit the website for yourself here >