Google Algorithm Updates

Did you hear that? Sounded like a rumble in the rankings.

That could be because Google recently announced a major update, or rather a series of updates, to their broad core algorithm.

What’s a core algorithm?

It’s the most fundamental part of a magic formula.

A series of complex calculations that decide where your website appears, if at all, in Google’s search results.
Is it a big deal?

Well, maybe. Probably.

You see, Google makes changes all the time (in one year as many as 9 per day on average) and they don’t usually say anything.

When they do make a core update, there’s a big announcement. Followed by much commotion and hoo-hah in the Search Engine Marketing circles.

It’s a sure sign the changes are big ones and potentially rather disruptive.

Good or bad? Hard to tell. Maybe indifferent.

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